SBS DAQ: GEM EEL Cleanroom setup

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CODA scripts

These scripts are located in


Frontend scripts to use

  • startCoda - executes each CODA component (platform, rcgui, PEB, all ROCs) in a separate xterm
  • restartStuff - kills and restarts the PEB and ROCs. The xterms are not killed with this script.
  • kcoda - kills all CODA components

Backend scripts, called by the frontend scripts

  • remote_vme - script that restarts an ssh connection if it is closed.
  • PEB_hallavme12pc - script that launches coda_emu_peb. restarts it when it is killed.
  • ROC_hallavme14pc - script that uses remote_vme to launch on hallavme14pc
  • ROC_sbsvme25 - script that uses remote_vme to launch on sbsvme25
  • - script on sbsvme25, hallavme14pc that launches coda_roc with a ROC name determined from it's hostname.
  • - kills off ROC_hallavme14pc, ROC_sbsvme25, and coda_roc on hallavme14pc and sbsvme25.

Extra packages installed

Machines in use

atedf3: NFS server, tftp server for VME Controllers

  • CODA and hardware drivers in:
    • Read-only permissions for all machines in 36 subnet
    • Read-Write permissions for hallavme12pc

hallavme12pc: DAQ Computer (RunControl, Event Recording)

  • Mount atedf3:/data/disk2/SBS to (autofs: auto.SBS)
    • Softlinks in
      • CODA (3.10)
      • linuxvme (in CODA 3.10 directory)
      • data (filename format: gem_cleanroom_<run number>.evio.<split number>

hallavme14pc: XVB601 VME Controller

  • 'daq' login
  • Slots 2-8, 10-16: MPDs
  • Slot 10: TI

sbsvme25: XVB601 VME Controller

  • 'daq' login
  • Slots 2-8, 10-16: MPDs
  • Slot 21: TI

Updated/Cloned New repos in coda/3.10/linuxvme

  • jvme
  • ti
  • ssp
  • mpd

Added /site remote with (e.g. jvme, devel branch)

 cd jvme
 git remote add site /site/coda/contrib/devel/jvme
 git pull site devel

CODA environment setup script

Using BASH, source the environment setup script:

source ~/SBS-GEM-Cleanroom/env/setupCODA