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(March 27th 2020)
(June 12th 2020)
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1) Near term BB DAQ to support the PReshower/Shower after install of new preshower blocks.
1) Near term BB DAQ to support the PReshower/Shower after install of new preshower blocks.
2) Setting up the final BB DAQ with integration of all detectors.
2) Setting up the final BB DAQ with integration of all detectors.
3) Replacing the CDET fastbus TDc setup with an VME based TDC setup.
3) Replacing the CDET fastbus TDc setup with an VME based TDC setup.
==March 27th 2020==
==March 27th 2020==

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June 12th 2020

First meeting after going back to Medcon5


1) Near term BB DAQ to support the PReshower/Shower after install of new preshower blocks.

2) Setting up the final BB DAQ with integration of all detectors.

3) Replacing the CDET fastbus TDc setup with an VME based TDC setup.

March 27th 2020

First meeting after JLAB to Medcon6

  • Status
    • HCAL

Scott looking at g4sbs simulation. Everything is off, besides enpcamsonne for files. Might install CODA3. Implementing different timing measurement : 1/4 peak height might not work for cosmics ( too small ), might try implement constant fraction algorithm.

    • CDet : HV off , PS Nino off, Not sure if Fastbus is off, computer sbs2 still on for analysis.
    • Bigbite : everything is off besides computer tedbbdaq. Not sure about Grinch. Had to turn on network switch
    • Hodoscope: crate off - maybe work om software analysis - add V792 for calibration - Rachel will coordinate with
    • GEM UVA : All electronics in EEL cleanroom off - computer still on - eel124gemdaq . Not sure if silo working.
  • Task that can be done remotely
    • mostly CODA3 install and decoding analysis software

March 13th 2020

  • Status subsystems:
    • HCAL ( Scott ) : timing studies pdf - maybe cable length
    • switch to VXS crate - PMT greasing - needs to know if Juan Carlos can help
    • HCAL CODA crashing almost every end of run : maybe loss of synchronization - errors message: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3803365

Bogdan : possible AC pickup - check with LED

    • CDET: start running test of Fastbus TDC, one crate for cosmics and one for testing. CNU cancels face to face courses for next 4 weeks
    • GEM readout : issues on MPD, fixed firmware, up to 8 units, Danning continue scaling to 32 MPDs

February 14th 2020

  • HCAL : Scott still working on timing resolution, reach 0.5 ns for most tubes, FADC timing resolution at 2.5 ns level, should be able to be improved

February 7th 2020

  • Updates
    • HCAL status( slides by Scott pdf )

Timing resolution about 0.8 ns, time walk correction done, JLab tubes don't have enough gain : change range to 0.5V for FADC, can add amplifier, estimation of the number of photoelectrons ( maybe around 5 to 8 per MeV )

    • CDet ( Peter ) : met with Brad and Bodgan , start testing all TDC modules in the Fastbus crates, figure out if we have all the cables, test cables we have on hand. Cover at least half of detector 1200 channels of TDCs.
    • GEM SSP readout (Danning / Ben ) : issue with MPD firmware fixed, need SSP firmware update : first version tested and had issue, EEL clean room : large setup ready to test (28 + 7 = 35 MPDs)

MPD current draw : need to have number to make sure crate can provide enough 5V current

    • GRINCH ( Bradley ) : getting started with CODA3, DAQ with cosmics no crash lately, might happen for longer run and higher rate, still want to update to latest VETROC firmware and driver
    • hodoscope ( Rachel ) : V1190 TDC setup , CODA 2.6.2 setup, add a V792 for calibration, setup detector to look at real signal
    • Bigbite ( Mark ) : need to get started on CODA3 and TS, need to make sure TS CPU boots up.
  • CAEN HV : try CAEN software, check with Steve to see what they have in Hall C
  • GRINCH trigger : with VTP/GTP at level of at least 200 ns might fit in 500 ns delay line

January 24th 2020

  • Updates
    • HCAL status : second half cable and working, some TDC not firing with FADC signal ( just for new half ), new scintillator trigger paddle, energy threshold study with cosmics, working on timewalk correction, need PMT from calibration soon. FADC could induce DC offset. will check with scope
    • GEM INFN : INFN DAQ still needs to check the isssue with MPD 17
    • GEM SSP readout ( Ben ) : issue with MPD firmware , Paolo had to fix, now working with new data format , being tested right for 12 MPDs, scaling to 32.
    • GRINCH DAQ crashing : no progress - need Bradley to contact Bryan
    • Bigbite ( Mark ) : VXS crate installed for TS
  • Gmn DAQ tasks : need to be ready January 2021
    • GEM readout : SSP ( VTP ?) about 1 month February
    • Switch CODA3 HRS, Bigbite, GRINCH, HCAL ( next two weeks )
    • TS for bigbite ( try finish end of January )
  • GEp DAQ tasks
    • geometrical correlation ECAL HCAL
    • HCAL trigger two crates
    • Fast clear GEM
  • Bigbite no Fastbus
    • No Edet, only shower on Fastbus : 243 channels = 16 FADC
    • VXS and VTP available from SoLID
    • if no FADC in HRS and no Compton : 3 FADC HRS - 2 FADC compton - currently have 15 total with FADC on loan from electronics group - SoLID needs 100 modules

December 13th 2019

  • GEp DAQ layout



  • GMn / Bigbite DAQ layout




  • Updates
    • INFN GEM

Isue with MPD 7 , when masked issue goes to another MPD

    • HCAL : all channels cabled, 1st half all issues fixed. Setting up for cosmics, test turn on all FADC and TDCs did not crash !
    • UVA GEM : old SSP firmware running with one SSP, ready testing new SSP firmware ( 16 MPDs ) , use cosmics

November 22th 2019

  • HCAL status
    • debugging old half, 6 channels have issues - TDC or discriminator issues maybe for 4 of them - 2 might be related to VME slot ? -

look with Bryan's decoder located in /site/coda/contrib/devel/dataDecode - if really looks like hardware issue can use VME bus analyzer

    • Ben setup the FADC gui - will be useful for FADC/detector debugging - Scott will write some documentation on wiki
    • start cabling other half of detector maybe next week
    • control pulser - use L1A to trigger LED, or use a VME pulser ( will try to give a DVCS LED board to Juan Carlos )
  • Grinch
    • DAQ issues - crashing for long runs
    • need to investigate - maybe check event size
  • BigBite
    • need new TS crate to check the final timing
    • takes about to generate Shower trigger : 60 ns cable + 60 ns logic + cable 25 m = 100 ns ~ 250 ns

October 25th 2019

  • Detectors DAQ status
    • BigBite
      • ADCs working fine running with CODA 2
      • signals from all shower preshower channels
      • can look at data with scripts
      • add TDCs to setup (27x7 + 2x27 ) = 243 channels, only sums so 52 channels ( 1 x 1877S )
      • try CODA3
    • HCal
      • FADC and F1 all running on HCAL
      • resolution checks, not good right now, might be due to discriminator ( Phillips 715 )
      • looking at cosmics
      • all cables for second half of HCAL
      • still unlock error on 1 TDC , need try lower resolution
      • still on CODA2
  • CODA3 testing (Bob) pdf
    • decoder in Podd can figure out if CODA3 or CODA2 data so should be transparent to SBS online library
    • trigger data not decoded yet
    • Eric tried CODA3 at beginning but still need some work for Fastbus
    • Need CODA3 for VTP
  • ATOM CPU testing
    • does not work out from the box

October 4th 2019

  • Bigbite DAQ status ( Eric )
    • slide here pdf
    • taking data but timing needs to be done to look at detector signals
    • Eric should look at existing PODD classes for shower to decode Fastbus
    • Shower trigger  : less than 200 ns
    • test trigger lines : 190 ns might

  • HCAL DAQ status ( Scott )
    • 2 crates : 1 VXS crates with FADC and 1 VME64X with F1 and FADC
- see cosmics in both crates in FADC , missing in TDC ( need to check new timing with 2 crates )
- resolution lock issue with F1, might be overheating
- add blanks to improve cooling
- reduce resolution of F1 to see if problem goes away
- latency from TI ( OT2 is prompt output less delay down to 200 ns)

  • UVA GEM status (Bryan / Kondo )
- 3 VME crates in clean room with TI ( 2 VME and 1 VXS ) : 2 planes per crate , 1 TI and one fiber, need 1 TI with two transceiver
- using CODA3
- wiki with information on wiki : SBS_DAQ:_GEM_EEL_Cleanroom_setup
- computer ready soon
- 3rd (VXS) crate with SSP and MPDs

  • SSP readout ( Ben )
- 16 MPD for 1 SSP to be tested
- all transceiver and fibers on site
- test radiation hardness of transceivers and fibers

  • BCM digital :
- daughter board design done, need to make prototypes and test

  • Certification of electronics : need to check with Ed Folts ( Nilanga question )

  • CDet
    • All TDC for coordinate in weldment : need checks ?
    • Software : running DAQ CODA and root scripts to analyze, need to check if other functionalities needed. Library can be loaded in Hall A / SBS analyzer
    • amount of TDCs for CDet sufficient
    • 25 TDCs - need to check with Bob