SBS Technical Detector Reports

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Techicnal Specification Documents

Detector Author Document
CDET Mahbub Khandaker docx,pdf
Detector Author Document
Magnet 48D48 Bogdan Wojtsekhowski docx,pdf
CDET Mahbub Khandaker docx,pdf
GEM Rear Tracker Nilanga Liyanage
Gas Cherenkov Todd Averett docx,pdf
Hadron Calorimeter Gregg Franklin docx,pdf
GEp5 Electron Calorimeter Bogdan Wojtsekhowski docx,pdf
GEM Front Tracker Evaristo Cisbani docx,pdf
Polarized Helium target Gordon Cates
RICH Andrew Puckett docx,pdf
Bigbite Scintillator Array John Annand docx,pdf

Additional Technical Documents

Coordinate Detector

Front and Rear GEM trackers