SIDIS Tracking

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  • A Complete set of code is available @ /w/work5602/transversity/xqian/12gev/tracking_12
  • Brief Introduction to each Classes
    • THaSolenoid (inherited from THaSpectrometer)
      • Template class for Solenoid detector
    • SOLGEM (inherited from THaTrackingDetector)
      • Main class for the tracking detector.
      • Tracking is performed in the "coarsetrack" and "findtrack".
      • Additional methods are written to help the track finding.
    • THaGemHit
      • This class is to store the hit information on the GEM. It provide various methods to save/extract the hit information, e.g. x,y,z,r,phi etc.
      • This function is used to store the information from detector (NOT the true simulated information.
    • THaGemTrack
      • This class is to store the track information from the progressive tracking algorithm. One can save/extract various information related to the reconstructed track in this class. One can also sort the tracks to do the de-ghost.
    • THaShowerHit
      • This class is added to store the hit information on the calorimeter. One special variable is the sector number.