Saturday, November 8: DAY Shift

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  • General considerations
    • We do not yet have an RC phone. Dave Gaskell is the current Run Coordinator. Please contact me directly via the JLab paging utility: [1]
    • Follow the generic Instructions for shift takers
    • In general, technical staff should not be contacted by the shift crew - please call the RC first.
    • If the run plan calls for some significant period of beam at 10 uA or greater please call Mahmoud Ahmad, who would like to perform a parasitic beam diagnostic test (no impact to us). His contact information will be written on the white board in the Counting House.
  • Instructions for this shift
    • MCC may still be working on setting up beam to Hall A. Wait until their work is complete and they tell you they are ready to hand over beam to the hall.
    • In preparation for first beam, make sure the VDC HV is off
    • When beam arrives, call Alexandre Camsonne (contact info on white board).
    • First tasks with beam will be checking out the beamline elements (BPMs, raster, etc).
      • Ask MCC to center the beam as best they can using Hall A dump ion chambers.
      • Follow steps 1-3 of the "Beamline" run plan here. Important: if the raster is not functioning as expected immediately halt the program and contact the run coordinator.
      • Perform a rough BCM calibration up to 20 uA. This calibration will use the Unser only - not the Faraday cup. First, start a CODA run. Ask MCC to send beam in at the following currents: 0-5-0-10-0-15-0-20-0-15-10-0-5-0. Spend two minutes at each current.