September 14th 2022

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  • Updates
    • Helicity
      • ready to try to test communicating with injector
      • would like to do today or tomorrow : patch helicity in BCM for quick check of helicity in main and parity
      • will check helicity scalers at the same time
      • software for helicity decoding : needs to push latest version after a few checks
      • new helicity decoding board : moved forward with board production, Hall B was testing, will check if they had issues. One used in UITF looks fine
    • HCAL
      • no updates but
    • Coincidence trigger
      • HCal different PMTs supposed to be 10 ns difference, up to 40 ns difference (maybe due to front end or cables,mostly bottom part ) , Jiwan looking more into it, width ~ 50 ns
    • BB shower
      • stable for DAQ
      • 1 PMT base replaced
      • need to take run to check, looks He3 stable on scope
      • new calibration procedure automatized , will look at latest
    • He3 target
      • need any variables besides EPICS
      • seems only EPICS : need list of variables for start / end of run and EPICS logger
    • BB GEM
      • BB GEM stable
      • New firmware for Common Mode calculation, using same alogorithm off line off by 3 ADC values , Ben checking
    • SBS GEM
      • taking cosmics
      • working on merging with main DAQ
      • stability issues fixed disabling 2 APVs ( out from acceptance )

  • Fixed issues
    • platform freezing ? Bryan increased the open files limit to 2000 siggested to increase to 4000, sockets time out after two minutes : better reset before powercycling and not reset two minutes after cycling
    • TS to TI connection for SBS GEM rocs : Anu changed transceivers
  • Pending issues
    • DC1 crashing with SBS : buffer might be need to set higher value, in log slave readout list using port 5 inserting dummy data ( can comment or remove )
    • HRS beam crate fiber lost : will check
    • hodoscope crate making in config without GEMs : might be limited because of buffer level and trigger
  • Plan
    • put SBS DAQ in main DAQ
    • test high data rate with several event builder

Beam planned for Sept 26