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This is the wiki guide to setup geant4 environment on ifarm, also you can use it on your level 1/level 2 64bit computer if you have already mounted the g2p work disk on it. For bash shell, you need to build the environment by yourself, the software can be found in /w/halla-1/g2p/software.

1.Setup root/geant4. You can simply type the command:

 source /w/halla-1/g2p/software/setupg2penv.csh

to use the root enviroment temporarily, or you can add the line below to your ~/.cshrc file:

 source /w/halla-1/g2p/software/setupg2penv.csh

and then type the command:

 source ~/.cshrc

For analyzer/root environment setup see the Replay Guide Howto.