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* Preshower and Shower
* Preshower and Shower
**[[How to adjust discriminator threshold on HCAL DAC]]
**[[How to adjust discriminator threshold on HCAL DAC]]
**[[How to run the scalers script to monitor trigger sum scalers]]
=== Super BigBite ===  
=== Super BigBite ===  
* GEMs
* GEMs

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This page gives instructions for various aspects of the experiment relating to each of the major subsystems and shift tasks.

Shift Roles

  • Shift Leader: Executes the Run Plan according to the Run Coordinator's instructions
  • Target Operator: Monitors the target system
  • Data Quality Monitor: Starts and stops CODA DAQ runs and monitors the quality of the data that is being recorded

Reporting and Logging

All shift takers should regularly log shift details in HALOG - the Hall A electronic logbook.

Shift leaders should fill out Beam Time Accounting (BTA) information during the shift.

Taking Data

  • Using the CODA DAQ
    • GUI Description
    • Starting a Run
    • Stopping a Run
  • Monitoring the data
  • Online analysis
  • Shift checklist

Recovery Procedures


High Voltage


Beam Line





Super BigBite

  • GEMs
  • HCAL