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SoLID (Solenoidal Large Intensity Device) will be used in 12GeV PVDIS and SIDIS experiement with different configurations. The approved physics topics and their allocated beam time are as follows:

PVDIS: Requested: 180 days deuterium target, 90 days hydrogen target, plus commissioning; Approved: 169 days (half of requested), rated A;



bi-weekly meeting (starting from 6/22/2011)
 time: Wednesday 1:30PM - 3:00PM, 
 room: CC F226, 
 phone line: (US 866-740-1260 International 303-248-0285 Access code: 1978431)
 EVO: room solid, password solid

Agendas and Minutes of regular meetings

SoLID collaboration meetings

email list

1. Our main email list is "solid at"

registration and archive
password reminder (you need password to read archive)

2. the software email list is "halla12_software at"

(the reason to use a general software list is to share knowledge,manpower and code between halla 12GeV projects).

registration and archive

file sharing

each topic has its own directory, please keep it organized.

upload to /u/group/halla/www/hallaweb/html/12GeV/SoLID/download/ within jlab network

download at


old version in GEANT3

current version in GEANT4


Detector Dimension and Layout




Cherenkov SIDIS

Cherenkov PVDIS

PVDIS Baffle

Magnet coil and yoke

Target PVDIS

Target SIDIS

Polarimetry Compton

Polarimetry Moller

neutron background