SoLID Weekly : Monday, Apr.15, 2019 9:30am EDT

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  • General discussion
  • Sub-system updates


    • Haiyan: Bob thought that the more realistic time for our review will be sometime August or early September. Because all the lab resource focus on the EIC budget review right now.
    • JP: It is better for Haiyan to push Bob about the review time, JP thought some time in late June or July probability works.
    • Haiyan: Will send an email to Bob and cc to Stuart, JP, Paul to mention the August or September will be tight for the next February Funding time line
    • Paul: It is hard to push the jlab for the EIC.
    • Zhiwen: will talk about the HGC updates in the simulation meeting.
    • JP: Any update?
    • Alexandre: No update
    • Jinlong: Talk to Weizhi, but didn't have much more update.


Alexandre, JP, Haiyan, Paul, Ye, Jinlong, Rich, and Zhiwen