SoLID Weekly : Monday, Apr.22, 2019 9:30am EDT

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  • General discussion
  • Sub-system updates


    • JP:Haiyan sent out an email relate to the review data, and I want to have the review scheduled on Jun./Jul..
    • Paul: I will be here tomorrow for the Moller review, and I will follow up the SoLID review date with people on site.
    • JP: I will join Paul's conversion about the review data and the preR&D.
    • Seamus: No update for ECAL support structure, it is better for people come to ANL to talk to the engineer.
    • Jinlong: will talk about the update tomorrow in the simulation meeting.
    • Micheal: we keep the window thickness as thin as possible, it is not thin as before.
    • Paul: Is this pulse Aluminum has been used in other experiment and Has it been cost estimated?
    • Micheal: I don't know the Pulse Aluminum has been used in other experiment, but it has less density than reqular Aluminum. No cost estimated.
    • JP: HGC window thickness doesn't influence HGC itself much, but we need to study the influence on the ECAL, MRPC, and SPD.
    • Whit: no update from my side and no new information about the magnet. And I would like to help Zhiwen if he need more information from me.


Alexandre, JP, Paul, Ye, Jinlong, Rich, Micheal, Seamus, Silviu, and whit.