SoLID Weekly : Monday, May.20, 2019 9:30am EDT

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  • Discussion on SoLID cost estimation according to WBS (Work Breakdown


  • Sub-system updates


  • JP: Thia, Do you want to give a summary
  • Thia: I received LGC cost estimation. I think at this the point, the break down level makes sense for me, everything looks pretty good. However for a 5-year duration project, maybe it is worth to put the installation in the estimation.
  • Alexandre: Does this 5-year duration include 2-year preR&D and 3-year project?
  • JP: preR&D is not included in this duration.
  • JP: If the sub-system hasn't sent me the revised version, please sent it to me as soon as possible.
  • Thia: What's the timeline for the estimation?
  • JP: We try to put everything together this week.


Alexandre, JP, Haiyan, Paul, Nilanga, Seamus, Guannan, Ye, Junqi, Rich, and Zhiwen