Solid Heavy Gas Cherenkov

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email list

HGC emaillist,"solid_hgc at", registration and archive

conference system

Blue Jeans with meeting ID: 591770580
Audio via phone (better than computer): dial +1-888-240-2560 (US or Canada only) or for other countries,
then enter the meeting ID.
Desktop sharing and video via web:
Or video via a Video Conferencing System: dial, then enter the meeting ID.

file sharing

We use a dropbox folder. ask Zhiwen Zhao with your dropbox account

Integration into SoLID

refer to SoLID_Engineering_Integration_and_CAD page SoLID_Engineering_Integration_and_CAD

prototyping and R&D


  • material
    • tedlar/mylar/tedlar from Madico
    • "We have used this type of material for spectrometer vacuum windows. It is made of high end sail cloth (actual sail material for boats). It is not the easiest material to work with but will most likely work for you. You may have to pretension the cloth depending on the manufacturer." from David Meekins of jlab target group,, It's actually Kevlar/Mylar laminates
    • cheap kevlar, , Its thickness 0.6mm is a bit bigger than 0.4mm used by BNL vacuum window, Not sure if it's because it's "cut resistant"
    • 2024 Al ~1mm thick


more info in dropbox folder readout/test

H8500_03 test 2012

By Simona Malace, Brad Sawatzky

pixel and quad sum test with wire simple sum


H12700_03 test 2014

By Mehdi Meziane

Total sum test with wire simple sum

result, last few pages of

H12700_03 test 2015/07

By Weizhi Xiong, Zhiwen Zhao

Total sum test with wire simple sum

data files are at /work/halla/solid/hgc/DAQ_test_201507/sft_rootfiles

result, slide 7 of

H12700_03 test 2016/09

By Chao Gu

pixel test with CLAS12 RICH MAROC3


SoLID_Cerenkov readout test


gas test