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  • In principle, trigger from different detectors should be formed independently. then they form some logic between each others to make the final trigger.
  • When coding, we should make each detector as independent function or module to ensure that. And each module can be reused between different triggers to ensure consistence
  • The time window with a detector and between detectors are important, in particular how much low energy background will contribute

trigger from detector

EC (Rakitha)

Previous EC trigger rate produced by some scripts calling Jin's trigger curves in root file

The scripts are

Jin's background embedded trigger curves files are

It would be nice if the part calling trigger curve can be take out and as a independent function and put into triggerfile dir (Yuxiang)

LGC (Michael)

SPD and MRPC on photon rejection (Yuxiang?)

The Gamma rejection for SPD or MRPC by Zhihong
some note 
"Your directories included the codes I developed for SPD background rate analysis, and there do include cuts from EC. 
For the MRPC, I  don't have a well maintained analysis code but this one can be a good starting point:
What we need to do is to combine the cuts from three detectors. For EC, we know the radial dependent energy cut, 
and for SPD, we can use the MIP cut. However, for MRPC, we haven't have a good cut yet. 
I initially did a quick study by putting the detailed layers of MRPC gas+glass, and found out that 
if I required two gas layers out of 10 layers create electrons, we can select good electrons."

Zhiwen's simple MRPC study pptx pdf

PVDIS e trigger (Michael, Rakitha and Rich)


SIDIS e trigger (Yuxiang)

EC+LGC+SPD+MRPC (forward angle) , EC+SPD (large angle)

maybe gain experience from PVDIS e trigger first, in particular for LGC

SIDIS hadron trigger (Yuxiang)

EC+SPD+MRPC (forward angle)

Zhiwen's working dir lily:/home/zwzhao/solid/solid_svn/solid/study/sidis_hadron_trigger

Zhiwen's simple trigger study pptx[1]

JPsi e trigger (later after SIDIS e trigger done)