Solid calorimeter readout

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file dir


MAPMT assembly from hamamatsu

new MAPMT from Hamamatsu with batter efficiency (New MA-PMT from Hamamatsu.pdf)
CLAS12 RICH H8500C test, including  crossstalk result (Hoek_H8500_Characterization.pdf)
CLAS12 RICH frontend (130626_RICH_Tech_Rev_FrontEnd.pdf)
CLAS12 RICH DAQ (HallB_RICH_DAQ_June2013.pdf)
CLAS12 RICH review report (Rich_Tech_Review_report.pdf)
SBS coordinate director, similar to SoLID EC SPD (CDet-talk-SBS-MeetingJune2013-Sarty.pptx)
W&M report on LHCb MAPMT (MAPMT_gain_match_report.pdf)

Here is a note about LHCb SPD/PS prototype It has a lot info about fiber embedding and MAPMT test According to this note, it seems MAPMT H7546 is a package name and has R5900 inside.

Here is another short note of LHCb H7456 test.

H7546 spec is here I haven't really seen big difference between H7546 and H8500 from spec sheet

CLAS12 RICH has some H7546 test done also