Solid cherenkov readout

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test in ESB

data taking

data location tunl11:/home/solid/data


fadc in slot 3 and ssp is in slot 15
15 pmts and 5 fibers 0 - 4
maroc sum has sum signal of fadc value as it is, but quad fadc signal needs 4095-fadc


working dir /work/halla/solid/cc_pro

test_esb compile decoder and decoding

source /work/hallb/prad/apps/set_env_CUE_modern.csh
git clone
cd fadc_decoder/
git checkout revamp
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
cd ..
./build/ssp/ssp_analyze /w/hallb-scifs17exp/general/prad/jz/fadc_decoder-master/solidhgc_50.evio.0 solidhgc_50.root

ssp decoding info

For the SoLID Cerenkov test in HallC, maroc electronics will be read out by ssp which can be recorded by coda into evio file

For GEM in HallA/C, it will be readout by ssp also

If we use analyzer to read evio, we would need to make it read ssp bank.

Then interpret its content of maroc or GEM separately.

general info


  • c++ example from Danning Di
    • code to read evio file for GEM detector
    • sample evio file