Start-up plan

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Start-up run plan

Update (Feb. 9, 9AM)

Item 1-4 to be done by the MCC. RC will be at the MCC and help communicating with the shift crew.

  • Beam and target alignment
 1. Beam to the dump. Septum off, no target.(DONE)
 2. ion chamber calibrations. Yves has an aluminium target to insert.
 3. Beam and target alignment (1x1 raster, vertical wire target, S3 scintillator. setting ready for MCC).
    - Yves's instruction: ELOG 3649271
    - Contact Silviu before start
    - After done with the wire target, ask beam on carbon hole and do spot++.
 4. Set corrector magnets with septum on. Beam to dump. Will be done quickly. 

Once Yves is done and MCC is ready to deliver CW beam to Hall A:

  • Detector checkout:
    • do in parallel with optics runs.
    • Check online replay plots. Experts will be at the CH to check.
    • scaler rates: post snapshots to halog
  • Optics calibrations (Experts: Bogdan, John, Vardan, Ed...):
    • Set the spectrometer magnets if not done yet: [1]
    • initial tune: p0: 1.28 GeV, polarity: LHRS (pos), RHRS (neg)


Left arm (1.28 GeV)
Right arm (1.28 GeV)
    • Start with RHRS. Set LHRS (positive polarity) RHRS (negative polarity)
    • Once the right arm is finished, move on to the LRHS. Set LRHS (neg) RHRS (pos). Leave the polarity as it is for the production.

  • BPM calibration. Instruction: BPM