Starting CODA for shift workers

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  • DAQ should be running already on hadesk4 in a VNC
  • If the VNC is not opened, or after logging in as adaq@adaq2
    • type: RunCoda. VNC password is the adaq password. If the VNC session does not exist (a window popup will say 'connection refused' after typing RunCoda), the VNC session must be started. To do this, log into sbs-onl@adaq2 and run './start_daq_vnc'. This will start the VNC session on adaq2, port 4.
  • Use CODA scripts buttons on first Desktop to start the ROC Xterms and Run Control
  • If needed use Restart CODA components
  • In runcontrol make sure sbsts session and config GMN1 are chosen
  • To start a run
    • hit configure button in runcontrol, might need to hit it twice if vtpROC20 misses the first configuration
    • hit download button ( wait until vtpROC20 is done )
    • check prescale factors ( To open prescale gui : ssh to sbs-onl@adaq2 and type prescale )
    • hit Start Run button
    • fill in run information in pop up box ( make sure you have correct target / runtype )
  • Pedestal run
    • select GM1_pedestal config
    • start run
    • stop run after at least 30 k events
    • go back to GMN1 configuration and start regular rub
  • Troubleshooting
    • ER1 getting stuck at prestart
      • hit reset in runcontrol
      • hit configure, download, prestart and start a run

    • SEB and ER stuck at end of run
      • hit reset in runcontrol
      • hit restart CODA components
      • redo configure and download
      • start a run
    • GEM module not initializing or getting Errors
      • Reboot VTP crate : open in browser (open the browser in the VNC unless you have password for crate you're power cycling)

More on GEMs in

  • rcgui not appearing

platform migth need to be restarted

 ssh adaq@adaq2
 sudo systemctl restart platform.service
 use the killall xterm button and restart all terminals with Start Xterms
 start run

  • if you are stuck check contact expert on slack ( in 4th desktop web browser ) or call DAQ on call ( number on slack channel on-call or on whiteboard)