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General Info

The target variable strip charts are normally shown on adaql3 which is aside of target rack containing the oven controller. There are four strip charts to monitor different target EPICS variables:

  • Oven Temperature
  • Target Cell Temperature
  • 3He Polarization
  • Holding Field Currents

Open Strip Charts

Here are the steps to open these strip charts:

  1. Log onto hacsbs2 using account hacuser, password is on the wall.
  2. enter the directory Hall_A_Tools and execute NewTools
  3. Now you have EOS Menu, from there, go to Strip Chart menu -> Striptool -> File -> Load -> pick config/halla -> pick E06-010 -> Pick all with "Target" and only one of the "Polarization" files.

Snapshots and Details

Target Oven Temperature

Oven temp.png

  • HacAi_hpcha5: RTD#6 on Pumping Chamber [C]
  • HacAi_hpcha6: RTD#7 on Pumping Chamber [C]
  • HacOMEGA_READ: RTD Controlling Oven Air Temperature [C]
  • hac_bcm_average: Average Beam Current [uA]

Target Cell Temperature

Cell temp.png

  • HacAi_hpcha0: RTD#1 on 3He Target Chamber [C] (upstream)
  • HacAi_hpcha1: RTD#2 on 3He Target Chamber [C] (upstream-center)
  • HacAi_hpcha2: RTD#3 on 3He Target Chamber [C] (center)
  • HacAi_hpcha3: RTD#4 on 3He Target Chamber [C] (downstream-center)
  • HacAi_hpcha4: RTD#5 on 3He Target Chamber [C] (downstream)
  • HacAi_hpcha7: RTD#1 on Reference Cell [C] (upstream)
  • HacAi_hpcha8: RTD#2 on Reference Cell [C] (center)
  • HacAi_hpcha9: RTD#3 on Reference Cell [C] (downstream)

Target Polarization

Target polarization.png

  • haPolHe3_flip_NMR_Pol: 3He Online Polarization [%]
  • haPolHe3_Spin_State: 3He Pumping Direction
  • HaGenTargPos.VAL: Target Ladder Position [cm]
  • hac_bcm_average: Average Beam Current [uA]

Target HoldingField Current

Field current.png

  • DDM45_2disp1_read: Vertical Coil Current [A]
  • DDM45_1disp1_read: Small Coil Current [A]
  • DDM45_3disp1_read: Large Coil Current [A]