Study of energy resolution

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  • Working version of the Protvino GSTAR Geant program is on allgep2 under the geant account. The directory is /home/geant/protvino/gep/mc/geant_mkj
  • The bigcal geometry file is called mgepgeo.g . Set up the following files:
    • mgepgeo_orig.g : The original version had a 10cm Al absorber and a sandwich of 1.27cm Al, 1.27 Lucite and 0.635 Al in front of calorimeter.
    • mgepgeo_caloonly.g  : Nothing in front of calorimeter.
    • mgepgeo_5cm.g  : A 5cm Al absorber in front of calorimeter.
    • mgepgeo_10cm.g : A 10cm Al absorber in front of calorimeter.
    • mgepgeo_20cm.g : A 20cm Al absorber in front of calorimeter.
  • Ran each of the geometry files for incident electron energies of 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 GeV for 1000 events. Plots of the deposited energy for all four incident electron energies for calo only, original setup, 5cm, 10cm, 20cm.
  • Plots of energy resolution versus Al thickness and energy for all energies and Al thicknesses.