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(Simulations and Data Analysis Software)
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=Simulations and Data Analysis Software=
=Simulations and Data Analysis Software=
Contact Person: Andrew Puckett
Contact Person: Andrew Puckett
* December 15, 2019 assessment
* December 15, 2019 assessment [https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/images/b/bd/SoftwareProgressTracking.pdf PDF]
=DC power for spectrometer magnets=
=DC power for spectrometer magnets=

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GMN Run plan document

  • January 6 version PDF

The association of contact people with detectors is from the draft run plan document


Contact person: TBD


Contact person: Dave Meekins

Moller Polarimeter

Contact person: Simona Malace

Left HRS

Contact Person: Bob Michaels

Left HRS detector reinstallation

Contact person: Jack Segal

HV controls for SBS detectors

Contact person: Bob Michaels

SBS equipment installation

Contact person: Jessie Butler

DAQ electronics and software

Contact person: Alex Camsonne

Simulations and Data Analysis Software

Contact Person: Andrew Puckett

  • December 15, 2019 assessment PDF

DC power for spectrometer magnets

Contact: Jack Segal

GEM chamber gas supply system

Contact: Jack. Segal


Contact: Brian Quinn

BigBite DAQ and analysis

Contact: Mark Jones

BigBite Shower/PreShower

Contact: Arun Tadepalli

BigBite Timing Hodoscope

Contact: Rachel Montgomery


Contact: Todd Averett

BigBite GEMs

Contact: Nilanga Liyanage

GEN-RP detectors

Contact: Brad Sawatzky