Subsystem progress tracking, 2020

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GMN Run plan document

  • January 6 version PDF

The association of contact people with detectors is from the draft run plan document

The goal of this page is to collect a 1-2 page "living" assessment document, to be updated approximately ~monthly, that addresses the following items for each subsystem:

  • Assessment of progress over the last six months or since previous collaboration meeting
  • Milestones/tasks toward readiness for beam.
  • Estimated timeline for completion of said milestones/tasks.
  • Any other issues: assessment of manpower/anticipated need for JLab resources/etc.

The preferred method of collecting the documents is for the contact people to upload your document(s) to the SBS private DocDB (link), which requires your JLab CUE credentials, and then link to your DocDB entry at this wiki page.


Contact person: Silviu Covrig (upstream anyway)


Contact person: Dave Meekins

Moller Polarimeter

Contact person: Simona Malace

Left HRS

Contact Person: Bob Michaels

Left HRS detector reinstallation

Contact person: Jack Segal

HV controls for SBS detectors

Contact person: Bob Michaels

SBS equipment installation

Contact person: Jessie Butler

DAQ electronics and software

Contact person: Alex Camsonne

Simulations and Data Analysis Software

Contact Person: Andrew Puckett

  • December 15, 2019 assessment PDF

DC power for spectrometer magnets

Contact: Jack Segal

GEM chamber gas supply system

Contact: Jack. Segal


Contact: Brian Quinn

BigBite DAQ and analysis

Contact: Mark Jones

BigBite Shower/PreShower

Contact: Arun Tadepalli

BigBite Timing Hodoscope

Contact: Rachel Montgomery


Contact: Todd Averett

BigBite GEMs

Contact: Nilanga Liyanage

GEN-RP detectors

Contact: Brad Sawatzky