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(instructions for running replay on aonlX)
(instructions for running replay on aonlX)
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* open the analyzer by typing ''analyzer''
* open the analyzer by typing ''analyzer''
* once in the analyzer type ''.L replay_gmn.C''
* once in the analyzer type ''.L replay_gmn.C''
* then type ''replay_gmn('''runnum''', '''firstsplit''', '''nsplits''', '''file_prefix''', '''firstevent''', '''nevents''')''
* then type ''replay_gmn('''runnum''', '''firstsplit''', '''nsplits''', '''file_prefix''', '''firstevent''', '''nevents''')'' with
** '''runnum''' being the run number you want to analyze;
** '''firstsplit''' being the , '''nsplits''', '''file_prefix''', '''firstevent''', '''nevents'''
** '''TODO''' this list of arguments needs to be rearranged such that it's simpler and more intuitive to use
= People =
= People =

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Index of the wiki pages related to Super BigBite




Experimental Readiness Reviews

DOE Reviews

NEW: SBS Collaboration Meeting and internal Readiness Evaluation for GMN run group

Feb. 2021 readiness evaluation



Form Factors

Neutron Form Factors

SBS Neutron FF Kinematic Settings

Proton Electric Form Factor


SIDIS simulations




BigBite Calorimeters (Shower/Preshower)

BBCAL Working Group Meetings

BBCAL Calibrations

BBCAL Cosmic calibrations and data analysis

BBCAL Documents

BBCAL Pictures

BBCAL Reports/Updates/Presentations

BBCAL Inventory

BBCAL Instructions


BBCAL Simulations

BigBite hodoscope


Coordinate Detector

The Coordinate Detector (C-Det) is a passive PMT based detector used to measure the electron's vertical angle at a resolution of 1.2 mm. Using C-Det as a component of GEp, a proton form factor experiment, will also significantly reduce the proton track search region during experimentation.

A CDet


BigBite trigger and DAQ

SBS DAQ Test setup

SBS BigBite Test setup

SBS DAQ: GEM EEL Cleanroom setup

SBS DAQ meetings

SBS DAQ beamline informations


GEM JLab Test Setup

GEM Electronics Review

UVA-GEM EEL Cleanroom DAQ setup

SBS DAQ: GEM TEDF BigBite setup

SBS DAQ: GEM Hall A BigBite setup

GEM MPD Test Lab setup

DAQ computer is uvagem

Intel VME CPU is sbsvme1a

We have MPDs in slot 3,4,5,6 (v3.0 firmware with FIR)

Checkout of Bryan's MPD is in git/mpd , repository is located at /site/coda/contrib/devel/

Turning V1495 pulser on

 login on srcdaq as a-onl
 go in /home/a-onl/altera/10.1sp1/quartus/bin
 launch quartus
 open  /home/a-onl/Downloads/V1495/FIT
 open programmer
 load the firmware

Running MPD with CODA

 Login on triton
 Start CODA

If ROC is not started yet : on sbsvme1a type ,

 source coda_user_setup
 coda_roc_rc3.5 -name MPD11 -type ROC

In Run Control : select the MPD configuration and start a run


HCAL calorimeter

HCAL Working Group Meetings

HCAL Reports/Updates

HCAL Layout

HCAL Power Requirements

HCAL Instructions

HCAL Pictures


HCAL Simulations

HCal Cosmic & LED Runs


SBS-offline documentation

  • Link to Sept. 30 optics discussion involving Andrew, Eric, and Holly: PDF document

g4sbs: GEANT4 Monte Carlo Simulation package on github

g4sbs documentation page

Documentation of g4sbs

Shielding hut for GEM electronics

Weekly software meetings

Presently Fridays, 1:00 pm

Weekly Software and Simulation weekly meeting

instructions for running replay on aonlX

This section contains instructions for running the replay script with all detectors on a-onl@aonlX.

  • Login to a-onl@aonlX (X=1, 2, 3, 4)
  • once logged in, type gosbs => this takes you to the directory where the analysis should be done, and sets up the correct environment variables.
  • open the analyzer by typing analyzer
  • once in the analyzer type .L replay_gmn.C
  • then type replay_gmn(runnum, firstsplit, nsplits, file_prefix, firstevent, nevents) with
    • runnum being the run number you want to analyze;
    • firstsplit being the , nsplits, file_prefix, firstevent, nevents
    • TODO this list of arguments needs to be rearranged such that it's simpler and more intuitive to use



Shift How-To