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Supplementary Material for arXiv:1603.03612 [nucl-ex]

The supplemental materials for the publication arXiv:1603.03612 [nucl-ex] consists of raw data files containing tables of all results (and their uncertainties) reported in this publication. Below is a brief description of each file. Further details are provided in each file as necessary.

  • results_asym_He-3.txt: Contains 3He results for the parallel and perpendicular asymmetries on 3He,$A_{1}^{^{3}\text{He}}$, and $g_{1}^{^{3}\text{He}}/F_{1}^{^{3}\text{He}}$.
  • results_pol_sf_He-3.txt: Contains results for $g_{1}^{^{3}\text{He}}$ and $g_{2}^{^{3}\text{He}}$.
  • results_final-unpol-xs_He-3.txt: Contains unpolarized $e-^{3}\text{He}$ cross section results.
  • results_matrix-elements_n.txt: Contains results for the matrix elements $d_{2}^{n}$ and $f_{2}^{n}$.
  • results_color_forces.txt: Contains results for the color forces $F_{E}^{y,n}$ and $F_{B}^{y,n}$.
  • results_asym_n.txt: Contains neutron asymmetry results $A_{1}^{n}$, and $g_{1}^{n}/F_{1}^{n}$.
  • results_quark-ratios.txt: Contains results for the quantities $\left( \Delta u + \Delta \bar{u} \right)/\left( u + \bar{u} \right)$ and $\left( \Delta d + \Delta \bar{d} \right)/\left( d + \bar{d} \right)$.

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