TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2018 August 21

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Reviewed the outline draft that Thia circulated for the conditional lift. Comments:

  • PAC concerns for theory and for technical risks/challenges should be treated separately;
  • more emphasis should be put on the mTPC design concept, with motivations, and advantages over the RTPC etc.;
  • merge section on rates and simulations.

Update on simulation: Clarifications for plots of proton minimum momentum: What is plotted is the momentum value at which the detection probability /differential with proton momentum/ goes above the "goal value" - not a detection probability integrated over all a large range of momentum. For 293K, 4 atm, 1cm diameter target and 40 um kapton target wall, this momentum is ~73 MeV - which means a cryogenic target and mTPC shall not be mandatory. TODO for the plots: clarify what is plotted, + add all fixed target parameters (temp, diam, etc.)

Update on target test stand:

  • 40 um kapton target mock up (with 20 um coating on each side) being tested for pressure: internal pressure of 5.4 and 8.5 atm to be applied for a few days. Results to come soon. Hope is the target wall coating does not participate to the strength of the target wall to internal pressure.

Update on front end:

  • Some compoments are at the lab to start install and test the front-end electronics.

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