TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2018 December 11

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Study of mTPC electronics radiation: mTPC electronics radiation study


Discussion about Jixie's study. Encouraging preliminary results. Remarks:

  • Endcaps are likely thicker than they will be, but we want to keep it this way.
  • the power deposited in the target will require a significant gas flow for the target not to warm up.
  • A few things need to be fixed:
    • need to add readout planes and GEM foils (available in 1, caption of Fig. 2).
    • close in from 0 to 100m away from beamline (instead of 0-900cm), if possible with a finer binning;
    • would be nice to investigate strange behavior of background remarked on slide 5
  • Other smaller fixes (likes, not must):
    • check that material inside downstream beampipe in indeed vacuum, not air;
    • add the 20cm offset of the solenoid wrt the target

Other news:

  • setup of TDIS mailing list;
  • later this week, discussion with Sao Paulo group who expressed interest in TDIS beyond the participation to mTPC;
  • Dipangkar will setup a discussion with JLab engineering group about target
  • Doodle for new meeting timeslot

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