TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2018 May 15

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First glance of proton momentum threshold in mTPC: [1]


Started the meeting with updates…

Thia checked in with Kondo, who is looking to give a detector update at either next TDIS meeting or meeting-after-next

Ed discussed the status of ordering parts for the test stand: Thanks to Nilanga/Kondo for helping with the CERN order! SAMPA chips, can get in to upcoming run Boards, have ~a week cushion to send the req, will modify as we request BNL designed ATLAS chips, ordering between DOE labs a problem but we’ve navigated it Now targeting July 1 for start (a month after June 1, but looks good)

DD noted that Jessie ordered all of the target test (pressure) stand parts, should be able to do a preliminary test ~time of user meeting when he’s on site, and then can take to university

Eric gave a presentation – see slides! Nice start… things to do! 77K and 1 atm at the moment to get to density… but, could be room temperature and ~4 atm Need to change mTPC inner wall to 12 micrometers , not 2, will change 62 MeV/c in threshold plot We don’t want the high energy protons… do we really detect them? Check the necessary gas threshold/GEM HV for pions to see if it will mean we have to accept these protons – more background? Need gas mixture from Nilanga/Kondo The detector is at 0.1 atm… so, need to add ~1 atm additional pressure to straw target testing if assuming cold target – detector pressure would change if we work with room temperature Eric will look at 10, 30, 40, 50 micrometer target wall thicknesses as well

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