TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2018 September 18

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front-end electronics test stand update


  • Ed provided Update on front end electronics test stand progress:
    • additional delays on the delivery of cards
    • developed a simple and compact test pulse board which will allow to study in detail the response of the chip from a known signal
  • Thia will post soon the updated outline for the conditional lift write-up. Everybody should focus on this right now and have a first draft by next meeting.

Will also go forward with the engineering group for the solenoid flux return shielding.

  • Nilanga has raised the concern of the dose deposited in the SAMPA chip, provided of its very low radiation hardness (will not sustain more than 10kRad). Jixie will evaluate that with Fluka, as Geant4 will probably not give reliable results.

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