TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2018 September 4th

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Thia - reminded all of our internally-imposed PAC document deadline of 10/1/18, coming up!

Dipangkar - found a new vendor that makes 25 micron material with self-curing epoxy, will test!

Ed - still accumulating parts, but seems on track - expect to have an update next meeting

Nilanga - will submit internal MRI application request at UVA, pleased that the mTPC can run at room temperature

Alexandre/Paul - discussed preparing for SBS rates and looking towards trigger, looked at simulation (with Rachel,..) - see slides on wiki, can also check vs. DVCS actual and other checks ongoing

Nilanga - should we be concerned about radiation hardening the electronics? All: Good question, will put in list of simulation "to do"'s...

Nilanga - other news: 80 ns shaping time will be implemented in SAMPA chips for sPHENIX (who have also decided to use SAMPA as well)

Ed/Nilanga - yield for the chips has been "high", ~70%

Dipangkar reminded Thia to post updated outline for write-up - will do!