TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2019 April 16

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  • Update from Steve:
    • geometric transverse length of tracks as a function of their angle (knowing the longer this length, the better the resolution). Efficiencies zeroes at 30 deg for 6cm transverse length. Would 4cm allow for better resolution ?
    • accidentals:
      • EPC validated against p photoproduction from MAID (factor 2 "agreement": good enough for that purpose + EPC is giving the higher rates).
      • - TDIS off proton: 0.5% chance for an electron to be associated with an accidental proton in the optimistic scenario (\sigma_t = 20ns, \sigma_z = 1cm), and 10 times as much for the pessimistic case (\sigma_t = 100ns, \sigma_z = 2cm) => to be compared with TDIS!
      • - TDIS off deuteron: more complicated. For fully accidental D(e,e'p_{fwd}p_{bkwd}) shall be 0.4% (of all detected scattered electrons ?) in the optimistic scenario, and 40% (!) in the pessimistic scenario. To this should be added true D(e,e'p_{fwd}) with accidental p_{bkwd} => 5% - 50%

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