TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2019 April 16

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  • Update from Steve:
    • geometric transverse length of tracks as a function of their angle (knowing the longer this length, the better the resolution). Efficiencies zeroes at 30 deg for 6cm transverse length. Would 4cm allow for better resolution? Also, see how this picutre evolves with a shorter inner mTPC radius.
    • accidentals:
      • EPC validated against p photoproduction from MAID (factor 2 "agreement": good enough for that purpose + EPC is giving the higher rates).
      • - TDIS off proton: 0.5% chance for an electron to be associated with an accidental proton in the optimistic scenario (\sigma_t = 20ns, \sigma_z = 1cm), and 10 times as much for the pessimistic case (\sigma_t = 100ns, \sigma_z = 2cm) => to be compared with TDIS!
      • - TDIS off deuteron: more complicated. For fully accidental D(e,e'p_{fwd}p_{bkwd}) shall be 0.4% (of all detected scattered electrons ?) in the optimistic scenario, and 40% (!) in the pessimistic scenario. To this should be added true D(e,e'p_{fwd}) with accidental p_{bkwd} => 5% - 50%
  • Update from Rachel:
    • Implemented (optional?) conical shape for each mTPC module.
    • Check for total energy deposit as a function of z: would need it segmented as a function of r.
    • Checked for portion of TDIS protons not crashing in either readout or HV plane. Seems negligible (<1%). Also, momentum distributions on slide 8 is according to physics.

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