TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2019 August 19

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Report on effect on input capacitance on the SAMPA chip [1]


People on site: Carlos, Steve, Eric Pooser, Ed and Arun

Carlos: Welcome!

Steve: Working on the toy simulation and trying to incorporate ionization yo get ADC values

Ed and Eric: Nothing much from the steaming readout side. Working on developing JANA2 OMQ interface. Also two sources of noise were identified.

 *   50 kHz noise from lights
 *   58 kHz from the bus pirates

Ed is looking into shielding needs. Eric will look into making a docdb for TDIS.

Arun: Looking into digitization and catching up with work done by Marco. Also pondering on what could be a signature of energy deposited by each particle (difference in ionization trail i.e. chunks of energy deposited at different places). Asked Nilanga if the GEM pads can tell the difference between the energy deposited by the ionization trail and the proton when it strikes the pad.

Nilanga’s answer: Since there is no gas multiplication at the readout pad locations, there is only a very small, negligible chance that a proton hitting the pas directly will have a detectable signal (compared to the signals due particles depositing energy in the ionization region of the GEM).

Working with low energy protons, we will have gain factors due to gas multiplication in the GEM of at least a few hundred or more (in a GEM used for MIP detection, this is a factor of few thousand or more) , so the signals coming from ionization near or at the readout will be well below the threshold cut on the electronics

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