TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2019 January 15

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  • MRI proposal update (Nilanga)
  • Conditional Status Review discussion (Thia)


  • MRI: UVA, Hampton U, VUU (?) to be the institutes requesting funding.
    • Significant changes which should make this an easier case (mTPC@room temp/atm pres, tracking progress) + budget changes.
    • Draft expected by Thursday! Everybody is asked to re-read the document for typos, etc; Ed is expected to put particular focus on electronics, same for Thia on physics, etc.
    • Modifications on spokespersons, contact persons for the groups, etc + a few new groups (UConn) to produce a "letter of participation".
    • Also, will be pushing (yet again :( )for a conditional lift by the time of the MRI review (we have a bit more than a couple months).
  • Recommendations from conditional lift review committee:
    • Detector design with mechanical details such as support structure => Nilanga and/or Dipangkar already have a CAD drawing of the mTPC. Thia/Steve will attempt to request Hall C design time for this (Hall A is booked for director's reviews :/ ).
    • Full simulations including timing of signals. Means digitization ? Marco had had started something about it with GEMC, Rachel has included mTPC in g4sbs: will need to see how far we can go with this, but this might be doable within the next couple months.
    • Fully tested tracking algorithm. We will need to reassess the actual tracking conditions, etc.

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