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Discussion of response to Beni's comments.
*Discussion of response to Beni's comments.
Bogdan's estimate of tracking [https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/images/7/79/IMG_2352.jpg]
*Bogdan's estimate of tracking [https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/images/7/79/IMG_2352.jpg]

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  • Discussion of response to Beni's comments.
  • Bogdan's estimate of tracking [1]


  • Thia, Bogdan, Nilanga, Kondo, Steve, discussed together with Beni. Out of this discussion, the main real concern that the TAC is worried about is the tracking capability.
  • Remarks to Bogdan input:
    • Track rates are estimated to be 70MHz per section, not 100MHz over all 10 sections. NB: need determine what luminosity is used for Marco's background estimates
    • Questions from Steve:
      • Can a hit be shared by two tracks? Important mostly near the center, where it is more crowded.
      • How to know a track is out of timing and/or determine its vertex? Uncertainty in z_v translate into uncertainty in time.

We have an handle if the track "crashes" onto a wall (because we have one point of reference where we can associate a z to a time) If not, we have no reference. We need to know what fraction of tracks of interest are actually in this situation. => Determine with simulation

  • Foreclosing remarks: we need to focus on tracking and simulation from now on.
  • Side note: Meetings are going to be once every two weeks again.

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