TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2019 October 22

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C. Ayerbe - VERY Brief report

[1] R. Montgomery - conical geometry study update


Attendees: Carlos, Arun, Alex, Steve, Narbe, Eric F. (on site); Paul, Marco, Dipangkar, Rachel (online)

  • Comments on Carlos' presentation:
    • Photon flux spectro might is not needed below ~4MeV: Egamma_min = Ebreakup+T(p = 70MeV/c) = 2.2 + 2.6 MeV = 4.8MeV.
    • Need to compare EPC code to generator used in GEMC for QE.
    • Want inclusive pp production
  • Comments on Rachel's presentation:

  • Verbal update from Dipangkar:

Target roller seems to work correctly: no air bubbles between the two layers of kapton. Still need to figure out how to make *exactly* two turns. Mechanizing the system could be an option, but cannot be implemented yet.

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