TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2020 February 11

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Thia kindly requested status/updates on:

  • simulations - Rachel, Carlos
  • tracking - Steve, Arun
  • target - Dipangkar
  • GEM/streaming DAQ - Ed, Eric P.
  • mTPC - Nilanga, Kondo
  • LAC refurbishment - Dipangkar, Simona
  • SAMPA chips - Sao Paulo, want to give an update?
  • Cerenkov modifications - Andrew, Eric F. any news/thoughts?


Attendees: Bogdan, Dipangkar, Jan Bernauer (Welcome), Marco B. Nilanga, Paul, Steve, Thia, Arun, Carlos, Ed, Eric F.

  • Simulations updates/discussion:
    • Carlos: g4sbs part about mTPC will be reorgainzed; almost has all the interesting background processes (some been provided as structure functions only, not cross sections), now need to include them in g4sbs;
    • Arun/Steve: been busy (with Hall C activities) but will be able to resume shortly;
    • Rachel: will wrap around conical chamber wall study + will focus on estimate trigger/electron rates;

Discussions will be made offline about when G4 simulations, digitization and tracking will need to come together;

Organizational details

11:00 AM, JLab meeting room: TED 2561A
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