TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2020 February 25

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All: any other updates;


Attendees: Thia, Steve, Carlos, Eric (onsite); Bogdan, Dipangkar, Marco Bregant, Paul, Rachel (online);

Short discussion on when the software (simulation, digitization, tracking) should converge: short answer: 4 months i.e. by the end of June 2020.

  • Steve: Resumed work on his python tracking code: for each pad, building a road of the previous and possible next pads for a track; also check that the neighboring pads are within the same time.

Assumes 100% detection efficiency , ideal tracks; will require MC simulated tracks.

  • Carlos: putting effort to include the generators into g4sbs
  • Rachel: Update in mTPC conical shape [1].
  • Eric: Effort on general SBS software (will eventually benefit to TDIS).
  • Thia: Will circulate a rough draft of the TDIS collaboration meeting on March 19 (from noon-ish to five-ish PM)

Organizational details

11:00 AM, JLab meeting room: TED 2561A
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