TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2021 December 14

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  • Ed presented the status of the CERN transmission components and warned that the chips/components planned are not in production anymore and there are no spare available, at least for the full experiment. Thus, we need to move to the next generation. Since the priority for those components production is for the LHC, it is highly recommended to order in advance the soonest as possible. Ed will calculate the necessary number for TDIS and will try to contact other experiments (e.g. SOLID) to try to compile the number necessary for the Lab. In the next meeting, Ed will try to present the numbers and reach a decision from management.
  • Carlos gave a short update about the status of the conditional approval document. Steve and Salina had some contents to their corresponding sections. It was suggested to add a section about the update about the electronic section, which probably should be filled by Ed (TBD).
  • It was reminded to fill the poll (doodle) with new meeting schedule. Carlos will send a reminder.
  • Next meeting will be on January 4th with the special presentation about the purchase of the components. Eric F. will be on holidays, so Carlos will make the call.

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