TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2021 February 2

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  • mTPC prototype:
    • Lead time/cost for components? 2-3 months / $5500; Full cylindrical prototype: also 2-3 months, but 30k cost.
    • testing plan: put it in beam during SBS (on the side for squared proto, around for the cylindrical)? Low energy proton tracks at the Duke facility?
    • Going forward with the square prototype.
  • Slack:
    • Should be more for short term discussions
    • drawback: cannot be used as an archive unless someone pays (JLab).
    • if JLab ever pays for SBS slack (very unlikely), then TDIS should be merged.
  • subgroup simulation discussion: Digitization? Presentation in 2 weeks?
  • BoNuS wants a return of favor and want a TDIS talk. Arun will do it (Thank you!)

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