TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2021 February 23

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  • Rachel: status on mTPC digitization [[1]];
  • all: any other business;


Discussions about mTPC digitization: SAMPA pulse actually slightly more complicated than APV pulse (APV pulse assumes N=1):

f(t) = ((t-t0)/tau)^N exp(-N((t-t0)/tau))

Questions/Comments from Nilanga:

  • from GEMs (solid, sbs), the microscopic details do not matter that much;
  • photons: some will hit copper instead of GEM foil. Photoproduced electrons have sizeable energies;

Questions from Steve:

  • can we accomodate the pad size?
  • having a constant number of pad as function of radius can really help in the perspective of machine learning analysis.
  • Time for 1 million events? 1 h? (consistent with current sbsdig_lw speed) (need to define what is one event)

Question from Ed:

  • Time of the sampling: when is the sampling started wrt the beginning of the pulse? needs to be randomized like GEMs.

Question from Ed to Salina: Will she use the BNL FEC for the mTPC prototype? question of connectors ($15 each but can only be bought in large quantities), could be sorted out by getting "free samples"? Design of the card is needed to finalize the prototype design.

Side comment from Nilanga to Marco and Ed: Hall B considering CLAS12 upgrade and is interested in SAMPA.

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