TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2021 June 29

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  • all: any other business


  • need to converge soon on digitization: time would probably be better spent running a slow code and get a reasonable statistics than trying to rewrite the code at that point.
  • => need to get protons with EPC distribution (need to check G4SBS)
  • Thia: update: moving forward with electronics; buy electronics by september would be optimal (but we have the funding for one more year) => decide SAMPA vs VMM.
  • prototype progress; money set aside is Glasgow to test mTPC (a couple of years to spend it);
  • Discussion: SAMPA vs VMM3:
    • SAMPA: limit related to limit on the shaping time.
    • Sampling option from SAMPA is better. But can we afford to record all data from all pads?
    • new SAMPA development with Saclay? Probably, but not for now.

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