TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2021 March 16

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  • all: any other business;


  • Ed: Notice from BNL: line for SAMPA v5 about to close (end of the week to decide for additional order). Potential spares from sPhenix: ~1400 chips leftover. 15k money (6 wafers) for 1.5k chips. If we spend money we'll have plenty of time to test, etc. If we don't spend money now, we need to rely on sPhenix's spares (which they might need).
  • Marco B: the minimum amount of wafers to order: 25 (6k chips!) -> 50k dollars (where to find the money? + we may expect extra costs...). Prospect for interests of other groups for SAMPA v5. Combine what TDIS wants and what sPhenix wants. We may order the wafers and decide to delay the packaging, and maybe cancel later?... but if we don't order by Friday, we can't order anymore. Try to merge the order? SAMPA v4 could still be an option.
  • Salina: Connectors for the prototype?
  • Rachel: Invited by A2 collaboration at Mainz to give a talk on TDIS; they consider doing an active TPC target, so there could be interesting discussions
  • Arun: gave a talk at BoNuS: they were curious about electronics, etc.
  • Steve: talked to Gagik: apply AI for background removal
  • Eric: Resynchronizing tdis_dev branch of G4SBS with uconn_dev

Next meeting dedicated to tracking.

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