TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2021 October 5

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  • all: Progress on conditional approval release document
  • all: Any other business


  • Carlos started a new document addressing the questions from the committee (reportfinal_ANSWER). The document should focus on:
    • evaluation of background track rates;
      • brief description of simulation
      • brief description of models (EPC, etc)
    • description and performance of tracking;
      • description of algorithm
      • performance
    • comparison to Bonus (scaled with luminosity);

Just need to go back to committee (no need to go back to PAC) to get full approval.

  • For future reference: idea of TDIS with SoLiD?
  • Salina: Gives a talk on SIDIS to DNP next week
  • Ed: Electronic cards delayed (next few weeks to next month - or two?) Provider is scrambling and we are lower in priority (since we're not a CERN expt).

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