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(DAQ development meetings)
(DAQ development meetings)
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*[[TDIS DAQ, June 6 2017]], 2:30 PM
*[[TDIS DAQ, June 6 2017]], 2:30 PM
*[[TDIS DAQ, 7 August 2017]], 11:00 AM
*[[TDIS DAQ, 7 August 2017]], 11:00 AM
* Next TDIS DAQ meeting (Aug/Sep 2017)
*[[TDIS DAQ, 5 September 2017]], 10:30 AM

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This serves to collect information for experiment C12-15-006 ("Measurement of Tagged Deep Inelastic Scattering (TDIS)”) and the run group addition C12-15-006A ("Measurement of Kaon Structure Function through Tagged Deep Inelastic Scattering (TDIS)")


  • Initial proposal, deferred by PAC42: PR12-14-010
  • Resubmitted proposal, conditionally approved (C1) by PAC43: PR12-15-006
  • Run group addition proposal (waiting for proposals submitted to PAC45 to be uploaded)


Older meetings about the pion structure function

Collaboration meetings and teleconferences

DAQ development meetings