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== Lab Work Schedule ==
== Lab Work Schedule ==
[bit.ly/2OIsBvf Lab Work Schedule]
[https://bit.ly/2OIsBvf Lab Work Schedule]
== emailist ==
== emailist ==

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This is main page for work in EEL Target Lab since 2010.

Current Activity

  • 2013/09
    • PNMR test: at the corner of the target enclosure. It involves very low power signal detection and the risk is below the Code 1 level.
    • density measurement: redo the setup
    • laser test: testing new lasers



  • weekly meeting

We have polhe3 meeting weekly on Monday in room F227.

minutes:  Minutes of polhe3 weekly meeting
agenda:  Agenda of polhe3 weekly meeting

File directory

upload files to sub-directories of /u/group/halla/www/hallaweb/html/equipment/targets/polhe3/lab/

then you can see them at http://hallaweb.jlab.org/equipment/targets/polhe3/lab/



Lab Work Schedule

Lab Work Schedule


email list is "polhe3 at jlab.org"

registration and archive

the administrator is Zhiwen Zhao (zwzhao at jlab.org)

Individual System R&D

Experiment Log

virtual stockroom


online program

analysis code


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