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This is main page for work in EEL Target Lab since 2010.

File directory

upload files to sub-directories of /u/group/halla/www/hallaweb/html/equipment/targets/polhe3/lab/

then you can see them at



Individual System R&D

Experiment Log

todo list

Cell Thickness Measurement

Diffusion Rate

oven air flow

Temperature Optimization

EEL Target Lab Records before 2010 September

virtual stockroom

Cell Inventory

New cell inventory after 2011

Old cell inventory before 2011

item and material list

Wanted Item List

borrowing and lending list


online program

analysis code


the doc directory
recent talks

Gordon's A1n target talk on 2012/5/24

JP's A1n target talk on 2012/5/24

Gordon's A1n target talk on 2012/4/4

"Polarized 3He Target in Hall C" P. Solvignon at HallC Collaboration meeting on 2012/1/13

Gordon's A1n target talk on 2011/6/8

other talks and notes

6GeV tranversity thesis

Jaideep's note

Yi Qiang's talk, some are target related

Yi Qiang's target doc archive

"A guide for the EPR Measurement at Jefferson Lab" Jlab-TN-01-012

Testing Procedure

collection of howto

Cell testing method

He3 Target Test Items

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