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This is main page for work in EEL Target Lab since 2010.


  • weekly meeting
time and location: Mon 1:30PM room F227
phone line: US 866-740-1260, International 303-248-0285, Access code: 1466792 
desktop sharing:, join as a PARTICIPANT with the same phoneline access code 
            note: this screen sharing system is from the same company providing our conference phone. 
                  All you need is a browser with flash. One choice is google chrome 32 bit which has flash 
                  built-in and available for various systems, get it at
minutes:  Minutes of polhe3 weekly meeting

File directory

upload files to sub-directories of /u/group/halla/www/hallaweb/html/equipment/targets/polhe3/lab/

then you can see them at



email list is "polhe3 at"

registration and archive

the administrator is Zhiwen Zhao (zwzhao at

Individual System R&D

Experiment Log

virtual stockroom


online program

analysis code


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