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This is main page for work in EEL Target Lab since 2010.

Current Activity

  • 2013/09
    • PNMR test: at the corner of the target enclosure. It involves very low power signal detection and the risk is below the Code 1 level.
    • density measurement: redo the setup
    • laser test: testing new lasers



  • weekly meeting
minutes:  Minutes of polhe3 weekly meeting


Date and Location:  Mon 1:30PM room F227
Conference ID 432708674
Audio Dial: 1-888-2402560 (US or Canada only) (see all numbers) and enter the Conference ID
Desktop sharing (REMEMBER to turn off mic and speaker after join to avoid echo if you use phoneline for audio)
  • meeting system "bluejeans" howto
    • Through a browser in a computer, you can do desktop sharing, audio if you have a mic and speaker, and video if you have a webcam, just go to the conference link above and join as guest
    • Phoneline should have better audio quality because it's not limited by network speed
    • For browser, we recommend firefox on mac,windows and linux. Note at the first time you use it, a plugin needs to be downloaded and installed. On linux, only plugin available is for 64bit firefox and you need to install it as root.
    • You can use bluejeans app on your mobile device to connect also after downloading it from your device's app store.
    • Test the system by going to link
    • To host or schedule a meeting, you need jlab account, refer to

File directory

upload files to sub-directories of /u/group/halla/www/hallaweb/html/equipment/targets/polhe3/lab/

then you can see them at



email list is "polhe3 at"

registration and archive

the administrator is Zhiwen Zhao (zwzhao at

Individual System R&D

Experiment Log

virtual stockroom


online program

analysis code


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