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(Spectrometer Working Group)
(Physics Working Group)
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== [[Physics Working Group]]  ==
== [[Physics Working Group]]  ==
[[Meeting Template]]
[[Archived Physics Meetings]]
[[Archived Physics Meetings]]

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Teleconference Instructions

Conference Line Access Codes
1-888-240-2560 (from US and Canada) 7346097559
998 903 0149
Link to List (International)

Spectrometer Working Group

Archived Spectrometer Working Group Teleconferences

Detector Working Group

For later meetings see the MOLLER Detector Wiki page

Archived Detector Meetings

Simulation Working Group

- Use bluejeans in the email

Archived Simulation Teleconferences

Beam Monitoring Working Group

Tracking Working Group

Archived Tracking Meetings

Pion Background/Detector Working Group

Archived Pion Detector Meetings

Physics Working Group

Meeting Template Archived Physics Meetings

Analysis Software Working Group

2011 Archived Meetings
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