Thursday, May 11, 2017 11:00am ET

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Last meeting: Monday, March 20, 2017 3:00pm EST


  • Prototype coil
  • Future work (recommendations from review - not ready)
  • JLAB contract
  • Next meeting time


Attending: Juliette, Seamus, KK, Jim, Jason, Ernie

  • Prototype coil
    • in contact with Emerson
    • almost done
    • waiting for final quote
    • Ernie looked over the location to check electrical power/water cooling
  • Future work (recommendations from review - not ready)
    • collimator/shielding - Tyler
      • ds petal is "only" a cleanup collimator
      • ds petal generates backgrounds - doesn't have to be right against the nose
      • going to move it as far upstream as possible - radiation on hybrid nose will go down by reduced solid angle
      • Cameron is working on the simulations
  • JLAB contract (end of May) - finish the cigar collimator design
    • we're in extension now - need a new contract
      • describe deliverables from old, define activities for new
    • quality control/testing for prototype
    • upstream cigar collimator
      • water-cooling/thermal was part of old contract
      • manufacturing/motion/supports in new
    • Prototype
      • old contract deliverable was getting bids
      • new contract is time from MIT for construction/quality control, testing
    • Downstream toroid
      • test prototype coil before going forward
      • failure mode analysis?
    • Other work to be able to meet the "administrative-type" recommendations
      • try to define requirements for failure-mode analysis, etc. with JLAB design authority
  • Next meeting time
    • plan to meet regularly (every two weeks) throughout the summer
    • Wednesdays at 2pm ET - next meeting on May 24th
    • inner photon collimator
    • downstream petal collimator
    • summarize contract
    • spectrometer simulations
  • KK documenting recommendations for Bob to follow
    • physics - not engineering
    • Juliette and KK afternoon of Friday the 19th

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